Climate Change Agreement

Initial analysis and set up

• Review of eligibility. This will require a site visit and full analysis of production facilities and energy profiles. This will determine eligibility of the site for inclusion in a Climate Change Agreement and a suitable Trade Association and Umbrella Agreement. There are clear definitions of eligible plant or energy intensity and these must be met to qualify an operator for inclusion in the scheme.
• Submission of the required paperwork to the Trade Association/Environment Agency.
• Negotiation with the Trade Association/Environment Agency if amendments are necessary
• Preparation of Energy Plan, incorporating eligibility criteria, contact details and reporting spread sheets.
• Liaison with energy suppliers and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, for the submission of relevant Climate Change Levy (CCL) rebates.
Annual management

• Complete monthly collation of energy invoices/client meter readings and production data, forwarded by the client.
• Prepare monthly analysis of CO2 emissions
• Submit to the client 3 interim quarterly reports (End of Q1, Q2 and Q3)
• Submit any annual reports to the Trade Association/Environment Manager, as required
• Check and agree final annual performance and advise on purchase or banking of allowances.
• Performance is by self-certification but is subject to external audit on a random basis. Should such an audit be undertaken, SJAL will attend the visit and report findings.
• Offer on-going advice, as required
• Manage any changes that take place, in relation to CCA
• Visit each site during the year and provide guidance on possible energy reduction projects
• Coordinate any links with CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, if required.